About SingleSource

SingleSource is a decentralised risk scoring and identity platform that enables frictionless business transactions that are secure, build trust and eliminate fraud. Businesses want to know that their customers are low-risk from a compliance perspective. This often creates cumbersome client onboarding processes that can put a strain on acquisition and retention. Alternatively, clients want an easy onboarding experience. But with so many compliance and regulatory requirements, this can be difficult.

SingleSource provides a compliant, frictionless, & easy onboarding experience by offering a solution that allows you to share information selectively and securely with who you want to see it while corporations can compliantly conduct business as usual.

Kelvin shares the bigger purpose behind SingleSource

With the end user being in-control of their own risk scores, SingleSource enables a behavioural shift in individuals by deterring high risk behaviours (e.g. inflated insurance claims, attempts to default on payments, deliberate attempts to commit first-party credit fraud).

SingleSource risk score

SingleSource risk score is dynamically generated in real-time, encouraging individuals to adopt positive behavioural changes to improve their risk score, and being rewarded for these actions through improved access to services, better risk pricing from services providers, and beyond.

Where we came from

Traditional standalone services such as identity verification and credit scores are insufficient to combat fraud as the information can easily be falsified or manipulated, or often fraud lists or transactional data is fragmented across multiple organisations preventing an individual’s risk to be assessed in its entirety (i.e. holistic view of a customer).

SingleSource solves these challenges by building an ecosystem on the blockchain to generate, store and exchange risk score data in a decentralised manner, combining the principles of accessibility, privacy and security.

The underlying approach and technology for SingleSource was developed by Propello Solutions.

They work with industry organisations in New Zealand and Australia to reduce their fraud or risk exposure, by providing a secure neutral platform (i.e. “the Switzerland for data”) for these organisations to cross-check data.

They do this in a confidential and secure manner, thereby preserving customer privacy and commercial sensitivity.Propello has experience performing risk analysis' on approximately 10 million insurance claims and debt data over the past 10 years.

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