SingleSource eKYC

Comprehensive and compliant KYC checks

Streamlining the onboarding experience for customers while meeting your regulatory obligations is now easy.

SingleSource eKYC provides high-speed identity screening, document verification and risk scoring that goes beyond the normal due diligence checks, uncovering risks and potential threats to your reputation.

Data points

Device verification

Verifying Unique Device ID. (e.g. mobile phones, IOT devices).

Face match

Check if the selfie taken by the customer matches the photo on the ID document. Exceeds standards for in person screening.

Liveness detection

Ensure that the identity being verified is a live person using eyeball tracking or instructed gesture when taking a selfie.

Email verification

Verify that the entered email address is valid and doesn’t belong to fake/scam accounts.

ID verification

Compare the information for the ID document with national authorities (e.g. passport, drivers licence database).

Phone number verification

Verify that a specific phone number belongs to a customer.

Address verification

Verifying the customer’s address by using utility bills or bank statements.

Background check

Check sanction, PEP and crime lists as well as the SingleSource blacklist.


Absolute, verified identity

Receive verified and attested identity data, all with your customer’s permission.

Onboard with confidence

With our real-time data verification process, you make the right decisions faster than ever.

Seamless digital transactions

One-click transactions with realtime data validation means rapid and cost-effective onboarding.

Fast and flexible

Your choice – simple web interface or full integration with a RESTful API

Fast to implement

A single API enables you to swiftly implement across your web and mobile apps.

Compliance made easy

We make fulfilling your KYC requirements, practical and affordable.

How It Works

Behind the Scenes

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