What Makes Us Different

SingleSource is a decentralised risk scoring and information exchange protocol for risk, fraud and transactional data.

SingleSource for

SingleSource for

Kelvin talks about how SingleSource uses blockchain to protect data

Protocol Functions

How data is connected and analysed

Fraud Intelligence Engine

All data is sent to the SingleSource platform and is continually being analysed and profiled by the Fraud Intelligence Engine which uses advanced graph technology and fraud profile algorithms to connect various data points in real-time to enable a holistic assessment of a customer’s fraud risk. The FIE profiles evolves over time using input from actual intelligence analysts to train machine learning algorithms.

How we acquire data

Shared industry data

Participating individuals and organisations contribute their data via a decentralised application (dApp) or API on the SingleSource protocol. Any additional data is acquired through various data exchange ecosystems which further enhances the data used for fraud and risk scoring.

When organisations have requests

Risk Score

A real-time risk score is generated using profile results from the SingleSource Fraud Intelligence Engine. The SingleSource Risk Score is signed by SingleSource and published on the ledger ensuring an immutable record of the transaction is kept. The user, upon notification of the request, approves the sharing of the validated risk score with the receiving institution. The SingleSource Risk Score is used by the receiving institution (e.g. insurance company, telco) as part of their decisioning process in relation to the service request.

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